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​In August 2008, 10 days after I completed massage therapy school, my children and I were in a serious auto accident, one that almost took our lives. Concussed, bruised, and traumatized, it was during our planned beach vacation the following week that I woke from a narcotic-induced nap and cast my bleary gaze across blue ocean sparkling with golden sunshine.  The word "solace" ~meaning to comfort in times of distress~floated across my awareness and a vision for my massage therapy & wellness practice was born.

Whatever your motivation for healing, my practice in Silver Spring, Maryland is an oasis of calm and comfort, a respite from the busyness and stress of urban life.  A self-care session with me is a time to be fully present with yourself~in the moment~ without the distractions of the day-to-day. I integrate sound massage technique, alignment-based yoga, a knowledge of common pathologies, mindfulness, and positive psychology to provide a whole person experience.  

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I look forward to supporting your unique wellness journey! 

~Jennifer Brennan